Wirelsh Terrier

The Wirelsh Terrier also known as the Wire lesh Terrier or weewire’ is a cross breed between two pure breeds, i.e. the Welsh terrier and the Wire Fox Terrier. Though the initial intention of the breed was intended to be 50/50 mix, the Wirelsh Terrier often takes much of their physical appearances from either of their purebreds. The Welsh terrier originated from Wales, United Kingdom has a medium size which is where the Wirelsh Terrier got its size. The Wire Fox Terrier origin is also tied to the same origin, and its original purpose was English fox hunting.

Physical Description:

The Wirelsh Terrier is a medium in size, designer’s dog with a rectangular body-shaped and elongated brick-like face. Some may take much of their physical appearance from the Wire-fox parent hence having whiskers and beards. Wirelsh Terrier looks clean due to their undercoating that insulated and protects them from dirt, wind or rain. The most common colors of Wirelsh Terrier are tan grizzle, but you may notice that when young, they have a standard black color.


Wirelsh Terrier has a terrier temperament i.e. generally non-aggressive, very affectionate, calm and playful dogs. They back less than most designer dogs so they are more of a companion than a watch dog. They are friendly to almost anyone who is friendly to them; however they have a protective personality that makes them very alert to mysterious environments.


Just like many designer/hybrid dogs, Wirelsh Terrier has less health problem than their parent breeds. However, the usual health problems on their parents breed may be shown on this hybrid dogs. These include allergies, epilepsy, hypoglycemia and glaucoma. They may need lots of exercises to stay healthy.

Wirelsh Terrier