Westshire Terrier


Westie and Yorkshire Terrier cross beeds are a very recent cross and are not very well known. The Westie (full name is West Highland White Terrier), is a very confident and cheerful dog that originates in Scotland. The Yorkshire Terrier (also nicknamed the Yorkie), is another dog breed with a big personality, however this one is not quite as confident as the Westie. Since this is a newer cross breed, it is important to note that you can get a blend of the traits of the Westie and Yorkie, especially in personality. However, Westshire Terriers are bound to be full of confidence.

Physical appearance:

While Westies are normally white in color, Yorkies are black and dark brown with long tufts of hair. While the Westie has a more round face, the Yorkie’s face is smaller and seems more squished. Yorkies are known as toy dogs due to their small stature, and Westies are generally a bit bigger and considered a small sized dog. A Westshire Terrier will be a blend of these colors and heights.


Because of their parents, Westshire Terriers will be very self-assured with big personalities. They will be quizzical towards their owners and normally tilt their head to the side when they are curious about something. They are very curious and grounded, and do not look to their owners for approval very often. They are happy dogs that need to be raised properly or they can become very aggressive and yappy. Westshire Terriers are a great choice for apartment living but not the best choice to be around children – Yorkies are not very good with children and it is definitely a risk.


A Westshire Terrier will have a life expectancy of anywhere from 12 to 16 years. Since the Westshire Terrier is a cross breed, it will not be as prone to certain diseases as its parents. However, there is still a risk of cataracts, pulmonary fibrosis, and Craniomandibular Osteopathy.

Westshire Terrier