The Weshi are one of the most popular breed of dogs that are kept as a pet. This dog is a cross breed and is the cross of the West Highland White Terrier and Shih Tzu. The most common colors for Weshis are brown, white, black, black and white, black and tan and brown and white. In order to keep them, you will need to let them exercise regularly. They are known as Weshi with the combination of names of two different breeds Shih Tzu + Westie = Weshi.

Physical Appearance:

The Weshi have an average height of 11 inches with an average weight of 20 lbs. This cross breed have an life expectancy of 15 years. The personality of these dogs is similar to that of their parent’s breed. Temperament of this cross breed is loyal and energetic. However, they are less likely to bark. They can be a good pet if they are trained properly. This cross breed can make good pets and gets friendly with everyone.

Training and Temperament:

Weshi are Energetic, Loyal and friendly. They’re a great choice if you have kids and also get along well with other pets. However, training a Weshi can be very difficult and it can be more dangerous for a first time dog owner. Perseverance and patience are required to train them. There are professional obedience schools available for dogs and it might help your Weshi for training. The Weshi cant become a good watchdog as they don’t bark much for alerting their owners.   They are also friendly towards other pets.

Health and Care:

The Weshi need moderate maintenance regularly. Grooming should be done regularly in order to keep their fur good in shape. Regular exercise is also required for them to maintain their fitness.

Size: Their average length is 11 inches with an average weight of 20 lbs.

Hair Length: Long

Temperament: Energetic and Loyal

Fun Fact: They need chew toys

Kid Friendly: Yes. They are also friendly with other pets

Allergy Friendly: Yes