The Weimardale is a relatively new breed; however, one of the parent breeds, the Airedale, was recognized by the AKC in 1888. The Weimaraner is a younger breed, having been recognized by AKC in 1943.


This breed’s size certainly comes from its parents; both the Airdale Terrier and the Weimardale are set at a medium size. This breed of dog may be a mix of gray and black in color depending on the dominant breed. Weimaraner are generally gray and Airedales are either black and tan or a gray and tan.



This dog is very intelligent and active; this breed benefits well from training and regular exercise.  It is an amiable breed, yet but will defend itself if threatened.  This animal should not be around young children until well trained.


Both breeds are generally healthy, however, hip dysplasia may be an issue.  Dog owners will want to educate themselves about bloating, which is may also appear as both parent breeds are prone. Proper feeding and exercise can go along way towards improving health and guaranteeing a long life of twelve to fourteen years.