Wowauzer is a hybrid dog that is cross between Miniature Schnauzer and Welsh Terrier. It is a great family and companion dogs. They are watchdog. They are very alert and they can alarm their owner right away.

Physical Description:

Wowauzer dogs are small dogs that are 12 to 15 inch long. Their coat is of medium length and it can be either wavy or wiry. They have thick coat. They are found in colors like white, black, salt and pepper and tan. They need moderate amount of grooming and brushing that helps them to keep their coat from matting. Wowauzer dogs shed little to none hair. They can be shaped like their Welsh parent or their Schnauzer parent.


Wowauzer dogs are charming, playful and sweet in nature that sometimes get in way with their training. They are very trainable and highly intelligent breed of dog. They need a firm hand of their owner with fairness and consistency during exercises. They are able to understand the methods and they can be independent on their own. They should be taken out of the house for regular runs and walk as they need average exercises regularly. They are alert, energetic and playful. They should be given regular exercises in order to burn off their energies.


Miniature Schnauzer is likely to suffer from health issues such as eye problems, diabetes, bladder stones, hyperlipidemia and von Willebrand disease. Welsh Terrier breed suffer from health issues such as secondary glaucoma, epilepsy, hypothyroidism and allergies such as food allergies, contact allergies and inhalant allergies. Wowauzer breed is likely to suffer from health conditions of their parent breed.