Wauzer is a hybrid dog that is mix of Miniature Schnauzer and Westie. These are good dogs but they need a yard for exercising. They are a great family dog. They make a sweet lap dog.

Physical Description:

Wauzer dogs are small dogs with shaggy appearance, long tail and button ears. Their color is either from Westie, that is, solid white or it can be from Schnauzer, that is, black, silver, white or salt and pepper. They have coarse, double coat that is of medium length and is wavy. Their coat needs to be brushed on a regular basis and they should be bathed occasionally. Their coat has dense under coat and they have long wire hair. Their ears can either stand up like Westie breed or it may flop over like Schnauzer breed.


Wauzer dogs are affectionate, happy and intelligent in nature. They are outgoing and playful in nature and they can learn anything easily. They are watch dogs that loves to swim, dig and play tug of war. Some of them are chewers so the owner should take care that they does not chew things. They love prancing while walking. They bark to alert the owner but they sometimes become a nuisance. However, this can be helped with some training.


Miniature Schnauzer may suffer from health conditions that are associated with high fat levels. They might also suffer from bladder stones, eye problems and diabetes. They are also prone to comedone syndrome. Westie suffer from abdominal hernias, craniomandibular osteopathy and skin disorders. The Wauzer dog is likely to suffer from health conditions of their parent breed.