Victorian Bulldogge


The Victorian Bulldogge is a cross between a Bulldog and an Olde Bulldog. Bulldog + Olde Bulldog = Victorian Bulldogge. These dogs have very thick bones. While they can be aggressive, these dogs are very sweet and protective if trained right. They’re great with kids and will be very affectionate!

Physical Description

The Victorian Bulldogge looks just like its parents. This dog is very large and has four very solid legs with a big barrel chest. Its head and face are rather large, and they are known for occasional slobbering and snoring. They have a silky smooth coat that is made up of short hair. They can be black, white, pied, tan, fawn, brindle, and black and brindle. The hind legs are taller than the back legs, with broad shoulders, muscular forelegs, a square bite, hanging jaw, large nostrils, a muscular body and a short neck.


The Victorian Bulldogge has many positive traits. They are brave, protective, loyal, steady, dependable and evenly tempered. However, they must be trained and know that they are not the pack leader from early on. These dogs will naturally strive to be pack leader and will try to fill the role if they sense that you are not leading or weak. Not training or establishing yourself as the leader can lead to trouble with this dog because they will express displeasure by growling, barking and biting. If these dogs are raised properly, they will be not only loyal but affectionate and very social! It benefits the Victorian Bulldogge to have an intelligent owner who is capable of assuming the role of leader. An affectionate Victorian Bulldogge is the most gentle, loving, and attention-enjoying dog you will ever own!


This breed needs plenty of attention from humans and socializing to stay happy. These dogs will live 10 to 12 years and must be taken on walks for exercise daily. Care should be taken to make sure they do not get too hot or too cold.

Victorian Bulldogge