The Torkie is breed from Toy Fox Terriers (who are known for their funny characters, their alertness, loyalty and their love of playing), and Yorkies ((Yorkshire Terriers) who are known for their devotion to their owner, for being feisty and for their playfulness). This combinations results in a small but playful and loving companion dog who will make a good pet for families with older children, or all adults (younger children may be too rough for them).

Physical Description

Torkies are very small toy dogs, with a typical terrier look, on a much smaller scale. Torkies typically weigh between 3 and 7 pounds. They have pointy ears with long coats. Torkies come in a number of colors including white, blue/grey, tan and black. Because of their size, Torkies make the perfect pet for urban living.


Torkies are lively dogs that love attention and will always want to be near its owners. Torkies and reasonably intelligent and like to please which makes training them relatively easy. Although it is quite an active dog, it does not need to be walked outside everyday. It will enjoy playing throughout the day and will eventually become worn out and then laze about the house.


Torkies have no known health issues. However, their coat can become very long and must be kept trimmed so it does not interfere with the dogs ability to walk. Proper maintenance of the coat is also advised, to stop it from knotting.

When well looked after, Torkies can live for up to 16 years.