The Poshie


The Poshie is a cross between a Pomeranian and a Shetland Sheepdog, or Sheltie. It has a rich Scandinavian descent, with both parents hailing from parts of Poland and Switzerland. The Poshie also has some herding ancestry in its blood, making it a natural at keeping its family supervised and safe. Its genes can be traced all the way back to Collies working on sheep farms in 19th century Switzerland, where they were brought to Great Britain along with Swiss immigrants.


For starters, the Poshie has a very soft, fluffy, and thick fur coat, which can come in almost any color or pattern. They usually have erect, pointed ears, but their ears are occasionally floppy due to recessive genes. They almost always have long, rounded snouts, similar to that of a fox. They have small and agile bodies, usually weighing around 8-15 lbs and 18-24 inches in height. Their eyes tend to be a dark roast brown, but some Poshie puppies are born with eyes that stay a cerulean color. Their tails always have fluffy and long fur, which the Poshie likes to lick clean.


With both parents ranking high in Stanley Coren’s list of the Intelligence of Dogs, one should expect their Poshie to be a clever and alert dog. With proper training and socialization, the Poshie will live up to the expectations of a toy dog. It is very affectionate and loyal, and it loves to be the center of attention. If a stranger is present, it will begin to bark up a storm, as it has the herding instincts embedded inside its DNA. Such behavior, once permitted, will only escalate until the Poshie is convinced that it is dominant to its owner; as as result, the animal will develop poor behavior, unless proper training practices are put into place.


The Poshie is a highly active and energetic dog, and will need at least a daily jog to satisfy its needs. Lack of exercise means that the Poshie will not be mentally and physically stimulated, and will cause the Poshie to engage in poor behavior, such as excessive barking and the destruction of furniture. As for health issues, the most common health issue is luxating patella. Tracheal collapse can also be an issue. More rarely, the breed can suffer from a skin condition colloquially known as “black skin disease”, or Alopecia X. If your Poshie shows any concerning symptoms, you must consult a veterinarian immediately.