Taco Terrier

Taco Terrier is a small, cross breed between Chihuahua and Toy Fox Terrier. Despite the Chihuahua parentage, Taco Terrier is a very well-behaved dog with bold and brave characteristics. It is a loving dog with loyal tendencies. The innate alertness and barking behavior makes this dog a great little watchdog. It loves to connect with its human masters. Both parents of Taco Terrier are small, so this breed is also small.

The appearance of Taco Terrier is more similar to Chihuahua. Though they are small, they are muscular with strong front legs. It has large pointed ears, which are similar to those of Chihuahua. The ears are largely disproportionate to the rest of the body. Eyes of Taco Terrier are dark and the muzzle is pointed and elongated. The coat of this breed is very short and it lacks an undercoat. So, it is very easy to look after this breed. The colors of its coat vary slightly and it can be white, brown, tan or black. The average life-span of Taco Terrier is between 12-15 years.

Health Issues

Taco Terrier is relatively healthy depending on the health of its parents. The dog has a long life if it is free from inherited health problems, such as patellar, rheumatism, leg-calve-perthes, and collapsing trachea. Sometimes, they may experience gum and dental problems due to the small size of mouth and overcrowding of teeth.


Taco Terrier loves the company of human family and it has good behavior. They are extremely loyal and eager to please their masters. So, this is an ideal family pet. Besides, this is a protective dog and it barks at suspicious people or objects. So, this can be a good watchdog too. But, Taco Terrier is very friendly, very affectionate and playful if it realizes there is no threat. Like Chihuahua, it is also free from aggressive tendencies.

Grooming and Exercise

Maintaining Taco Terrier is very easy because it has short, single layered coat. Brushing can be done every few days, which helps to keep the coat shine. It is very difficult to bathe them because they do not like water. So, bathe is needed only when necessary. Mild shampoo should be used because it has sensitive skin.

Wax and debris can build up in ears because they are large and upright. So, ears must be cleaned to avoid infection and health complications.

Taco Terrier is very intelligent, so it is very easy to train them. They can be rewarded with positive reinforcements like treats and praise. Generally, this breed is great with children and adults.

* Size: Around 6-10 inches height and 7-10 pounds weight
* Lifespan: 12 -15 years
*Temperament: Well-behaved and protective dog
* Fun fact: This is a lap dog and it loves to remain sitting on the lap of its masters for hours

Taco Terrier