Silky Terrier


The Silky Terrier is a designer dog produced by the cross between the Scottish Terrier and Silky Terrier purebreds. The offspring can acquire a combination of qualities from both parent dogs.

The Scottish Terrier is regarded as the smallest breed in Scotland, originally bred to hunt and kill vermin, or hunt badgers and foxes. The Silky terrier was developed in Australia back in the 1800s through a cross between the Yorkshire terrier and Australian terrier.

Physical Description:

Skilky Terriers are small in size, with an average height of 9-11 inches and weight of 10-15 pounds. They have pointy ears and straight fur. Their coat can be long and silky like the parent Silky terrier. It can exhibit a wiry, coarse and hard outer coat with a soft undercoat like its parent Scottish terrier. Whichever type of coat, regular bathing and brushing is required and varies in frequency to avoid matting. The Skilky Terrier is mostly found in black, wheaten or brindle colors with the most common arriving in Dark Brown / Chocolate and Black & Brown.


The Skilky Terriers are very playful, sporty, energetic, and alert dogs that make very good watch dogs. They do relatively well with children but are best introduced early and socialized with other pets too at a young age. They are eager to learn but can be stubborn and display reluctance, but can be controlled in a firm yet gentle manner. They require confident handlers and owners with an authoritative disposition.


Skilky Terriers are generally healthy dogs who require daily walks to keep them happy and healthy. Given their size, playtime takes care of most exercise needs and they will do with ample space, though they would surely love the outdoors and run around a secure area.

Silky Terrier