Silkshire Terrier

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Silkshire Terriers are toy dogs and one of the best pets if you live in homes without children as they can be the perfect companion. They are opinionated but always ready to learn something new and can be great play partners. They are ideal for people who love hardness and sturdiness. They have very high energy levels and must not be left alone as they can dig or climb fences. They were bred to help hunt rodents something they can still do. They are good at hunting rodents and can keep squirrel and rats away from your home.

Physical Description:

They are very beautiful and covered well by a lovely flowing coat making them a joy to carry around. They are perfect travel partners due to their small size and can easily be carried around with ease. They are short dogs and grow to heights of about 6 to 10 inches. They are also very light weighing approximately 7-11 lbs. Their little weight makes the capable of climbing fences.
They come in different colors like blue, tan, black & tan, tan and blue. The color is usually determined by the color of the parents. They have a long silky coat that makes them very beautiful.


The Silkshire Terrier is not social with other pets and is better kept as the only pet. However, they get along with older children and may be good playing partners with them. They are very intelligent, energetic and alert. They will always notify you in the case of something unusual.
They are very easy to train and learn very fast. It is important you train from a young age so that they can learn to be social with other pets.


The Silkshire Terrier will be in perfect health if fed properly. However, keep note of the common hybrid diseases.

Silkshire Terrier