The Shug is not pure bred. It is a result of the cross breed between the German Shepard and the pug. It can be described as agile, friendly and energetic. It draws its physical characteristic and temperaments from the mother breeds. The best way to clearly understand the nature of the Shug is by first studying the characteristics of the parent breeds.

Physical Appearance

The Shug is a medium sized Dog. A mature Shug only weighs between 13 to 17 pounds. A Shug is characterized by big flappy ears that lie flat beside its head. The Shug has a fair height of about 12 inches above the ground. It has a smooth, straight fur that comes in many different colors. Its fur can either be Black, Dark brown, Light brown, Black, Black & White, Golden and brown & white.


The liveliest dogs that you will likely meet around are the Shugs. The Shug will make the best companion for the family members. They are social and easy to bond with especially if the owners are lively and like having fun. The Shug will get along with other dogs always and will completely be docile when they are with young children. They are quick to learn the faces of the family members and other small pets around the home. Their ability to learn new tricks is also applauded because it is very fast. They will make sure that they follow their owners especially on the outdoor trips. The Shug are also very happy and affectionate dogs with children who are playful. However, the Shug gets a little disappointed when the cats eat its food or when the children knock on its head.

Lifespan and Health

With proper feeding allowing for a well balanced diet, proper housing, enough exercises and perfect body hygiene such as the bathing, the Shug will live a complete lifespan that ranges from 12-15 complete years of great happiness and companion. They also need some essential services such as vitamin injections as well as regular deworming and vet checkups. Of great concern are the diseases that Shugs are prone to. They can be attacked by respiratory issues, luxating patellas, hereditary diseases and periodontal disease. These killer diseases would have huge negative effect on the growth and development of the dog. It is advisable to seek the history of its parents before acquiring to be able to accord Shug the necessary treatment and care.