Shorkie Tzu


With an attitude of a huge breed dog, the Shorkie Tzu is a bold and fierce for its size. They are also known as Shorkie. The Shorkie is the cross of the Yorkshire Terrier and Shih Tzu. To create a friendly and good looking lapdog, this designer breed was first developed in the United States of America. Since then Shorkie has gained so much popularity as a cute family dog. Just like their parent breeds, Shorkie Tzu is loving and affectionate towards the owner.

Physical Appearance:

Shorkie Tzu is a tiny sized dog that weighs around 6 to 14 pounds. The height of Shorkie Tzu is around 6 to 11 inches at shoulders. The ears of Shorkie Tzu are flappy and their muzzle is quite short. The coat of Shorkie Tzu is usually long, soft and silky. The coat is dense on the outside and soft cottony on the inside. Shorkie Tzu do not shed too much of hair and are suitable for people having allergies. This breed is found in almost all the colors such as white, black, brown, tan or apricot.


Shorkie Tzu are loyal, playful, affectionate and loving dogs. Shorkies are intelligent and gentle, and can be trained properly. They are great companion dogs and love to be around people. However, keeping them along with younger kids could be risky due to their tiny stature. The need for exercise of Shorkies is not much and indoor games and exercise is also good enough for them, making them good apartment dogs. However, they love running outdoors and enjoy daily walks.


Shorkies are prone to inheriting few medical conditions from the parent breeds. These include renal stones, allergies, liver conditions, oral health problems and progressive retinal apathy.

Shorkie Tzu