The Shocker is not a purebred dog but a cross between the Shiba Inu and the Cocker Spaniel – Cocker Spaniel + Shiba Inu = Shocker. The best way to understand the temperament of a mixed breed such as the Shocker is to study the characteristics of the parent breeds. Unlike many other hybrids, the Shocker’s country of origin remains unknown. However, most breeders strongly suggest that it was first bred in the United States.

Physical Description

Shockers usually have a short, silky, double coat that requires minimal grooming. The main Shocker colors are white, golden, light brown, brown and black, black and white, and cream. The medium weight of an adult Shocker is 15 to 20 pounds. With a straight fur and floppy ears, the hybrid likes playing indoors and its characteristic agility sets it apart from many other dog types.


With a rather unique disposition, this canine can be stubborn sometimes – making it a little harder to train. Conversely, other Shockers are fun-loving and playful and like being beside their owners most of the time. While most of them are friendly to other dogs and kids, some may be a bit hostile and should not be left to interact with kids unsupervised.


Most Shockers are less likely to be afflicted by diseases that commonly afflict their parents. However, it is essential that you take your pet for a routine checkup by a certified vet. In some rare cases, some Shockers may inherit the genetic defects of their purebred ancestors, and become highly prone to certain health issues. Nonetheless, the pet can survive in nearly all climates and is not susceptible to common allergies.