Shih Apso

Flickr: Frans de Wit
A pup stemmed from the purebreds Shih Tzu and Lhasa Apso is called the Shih Apso or the Lhasa Tzu. This hybrid dog is a lovely blend of the two distinct canines that both have an illustrious history in the ancient world. The Shih Tzu is a Chinese dog bred to resemble classic guardian lions popular in their mythology, while the Lhasa Apso originates from Tibet and was favored by royalty as well.

Physical Description

The Shih Apso has an average estimated weight that ranges from 12-18 pounds and a height of 8-12 inches. They have a small head atop a slightly larger body. They may have long and silky dense coats that typically parts at the back from head to tail, and come in shades of tan, white, fawn, or gray combinations. Their faces have a seemingly squashed appearance and display a flowy long mustache.


Lhasa Tzus are mostly loved for their sweet and cuddly toy-like look, as well as their charming nature and the best traits derived from their parents. This dog is eager to please its owner, but would need socialization with other animals. With proper training, they can be gentle and loving family members that’s friendly to children. They can provide kids with lots of playtime and fun activities to do. The Shih Apso is also a great companion for adults and the elderly.


Common health concerns of the Shih Apso would be joint and eye problems, and sensitivity to extreme heat. This designer dog does not need tremendous amounts of exercise, but will do well with short walks and toys for mental stimulation.

Shih Apso