This small hybrid dog demonstrates the characteristic features of both the parent breeds. Both Shih Tzu and Brussels Griffon are loving and affectionate, caring and protective of their owners, and Shiffon is no exception to this. Obstinate nature is commonly seen in parent breeds, as well as Shiffon. Shiffon makes a great companion dog for those who want a small pet.

Physical Appearance:

Shiffon is a small dog and typically reaches a height of 8-10 inches and weight around 8-15 pounds. They have flappy ears and the muzzle is small. Shiffon’s coat may be short and hard or long, silky and fine, depending on which parent’s influence is more. They tend to have wire beard of Brussels Griffon. Shiffon tends to exhibit They tend to shed a lot of hair. They coat of Shiffon can be in virtually any color.


Shiffon are loveable, sweet, loyal and protective by nature. They are very spirited and affectionate. Shiffons are eager to please people and get along with new people easily. However, they can be suspicious of strangers and may alert their owners about strangers. Shiffon are good with children, but may not be ideal around very small children as they may not have patience required for small children.


Most of the hybrid dogs suffer from same illnesses that their parent breeds are prone too. However, the severity is much less as compared to that seen in parent breeds. Both the Shih Tzu and Brussels Griffon are susceptible to ear, eye, kidney and respiratory ailments. Dental problems are commonly seen in Shih Tzu. Shiffon also shows the tendency to display these illnesses but severity is bred away.