The shichi is a little toy-dog cross of the Chihuahua and the Shih Tzu. The long-haired designer dog is affectionate but it is also known to be quite aggressive. However, the behavioral intensities depend on the dominant genes in every particular Shichi.

Physical Appearance

The genetic dominance of each individual Shichi determines whether your puppy will have a long or short coat. However, if the Chihuahua parent of the puppy had short hair, the young will have a short coat with some interspersed wisps of longer ones, or vice versa. Again, the pets may have Chihuahua’s fox-like ears, or Shih Tzu’s floppy type, all depending on the more active parent genes. This hybrid has darkish almond-shaped eyes featuring a black muzzle and an innocent looking face – like that of a child. The average height of a mature Shichi is 8 to 10 inches and the weight ranges between 5 and 18 pounds. Their common colors include black, brown, tri-color (very rarely), brown and black, as well as brown and white.


The temperament of these canines differs from one individual to another although they have some general virtues in common such as childishness, loyalty, and sobriety. Further, the Shichi is a highly adaptable dog that will habituate itself to the unique atmosphere and ambience of your home. At the same time, they do not require a lot of space like some other dogs out there. This attribute makes it a good pick for an apartment pet.

Again, this canine is gregariously sociable and enjoys its owner’s company. Of particular note, this dog is not hostile to children and they will be good buddies unless otherwise provoked. However, interaction with very young children should be closely monitored because the infants may rough it up and stir a temporary enmity.

Moreover, the Shichi is highly excitable and may not cordially interact with strangers unless it is well-nurtured. It is not uncommon to find one yapping when visitors arrive. However, the designer dog won’t hesitate to exhibit a great sense of friendship to anyone once well-socialized. The pets are lively and agile and expect a lot of intimate attention from their masters. They want to spend all the time with their masters as a statement of their obedience, love, and loyalty.


The life span of a shichi is 12 to 15 years. Due to their small size, the dogs do not need a lot of exercising. About 20 minutes of exercising every day is enough. To keep the pets healthy, they should be fed at least twice daily with about a cup of dry dog food. Like many other hybrids, many of the Schichi’s health facts are not yet known but they are evidently less likely to get ordinary dog diseases compared to other common dogs.