The Sheprador hybrid is created by crossing Australian Shepherd and Labrador Retriever. The combination of these two breeds make Sheprador a reliable and courageous dog. As both the parent breeds are highly active and energetic, this characteristic is seen in Shepradors as well. They are also quite active and playful dogs. Because of their easy going and dependable nature, this crossbred hybrid makes a great pet. They also make a great watchdog.


This dog breed can display a wide range in appearance depending upon the characteristic features of the two parent breeds. The height is in between 18 to 25 inches and the weight may range anywhere from 40 lbs to 130 lbs. With this height and weight, they give that big dog feel. The head of Sheprador is similar to that of a Labrador, but has a comparatively long muzzle and dark brown expressive eyes. The tail is long and fluffy, and can have a round or tapered end. They mainly come in solid black or brown color. The coat of Sheprador is straight and short and is resistant to water.


Sheprador is one of the friendliest and playful dogs that a family would like to have around. They bring the best of their parents, with loyalty, mild temperament and love for human contact from Labrador and playfulness, love for outdoors and protective abilities from German shepherd. Sheprador is a great companion for young kids, given their energy levels and loving nature. They are also protective of the family and have strong ability to sniff and track. Sheprador loves to chew stuff, and in order to prevent them from chewing household stuff, one needs to give them chewing toys.


If you maintain hygienic and clean environment, keep your dog clean and feed him nutritious food, he is not going to have major health issues. Exercise including agility training is quite valuable in keeping your Sheprador healthy and fit. They are great running companions and need large spaces for their activities.

You can give all types of dog foods to this crossbred except except salmon, beef (especially veal), and chicken. These food items may cause skin allergies in your pet.

The life expectancy of Sheprador is ten to fourteen years. The major health condition that affects this breed is hip dysplasia.