The SharpEagle (also Sharp Eagle) is a dog hybrid that is made up of two breeds – a crossbreed between the Shar Pei and the Beagle. Experts have established that the best method to determine the characteristics of the SharpEagle is to study the traits of their ancestors. This way, you will know what attributes to expect out of your Sharp Eagle puppy. Again, their behaviors and physical characteristics will differ from one SharpEagle to another as is the case with most hybrids since it is not easy to predict which of the two ancestor genes will be dominant.


An adult Sharp Eagle grows to about 18-19 inches. The hybrid’s predominant colors include black, brown, cream, black and tan, and white. A healthy full-grown SharpEagle weighs between 40 to 45 pounds. They are very agile and will be seen darting around most of the time they are not resting.


The SharpEagle is an extremely good-natured pet. They excellently get along with both children and other pets. However, they may whine disturbingly if deprived attention or if left outside for long. Further, they can get quite stubborn when they smell something and may disappear to faraway places if unleashed. Although generally obedient, the hybrid may take some time before heeding their master’s commands. As such, this hybrid may require a bit more training than other common dogs. However, they do not easily forget the training once it’s successfully administered. SharpEagles are very friendly to both their owners and strangers. Moreover, the pets do well in the company of larger dogs but may need some socialization to mingle well with smaller ones. Make sure that your fencing is properly done as the dog can easily escape.

Health and Maintenance

The average life expectancy of the Sharpeagle is 12 to 15 years. Since they are bred from the Shar Pei, they may develop Entropian eyelid inward folds that trigger great discomfort. In this case Entropian surgery may be needed to remove some part of the bottom eyelid so that it won’t touch the eye as much. Therefore, regular check-ups by a qualified pet vet are important as the problem is more easily tackled upon early detection. However, the hybrid is hardly affected by common dog diseases such as the Lyme disease, parvovirus infections, and demodectic mange. Unlike most other canines, this type requires minimum regular brushing, and their coat is quite easy to clean and maintain. Still on SharpEagle’s general health, you should adequately exercise your dog because it may grow restless and mischievous if you do not take it out.