The Sharmatian is a crossbred dog of the Dalmatian and the Chinese Shar-Pei. These dogs are known as hybrid dogs and also sometimes are called designer dogs. The traits, characteristics, and appearance of this type of mix dog can vary significantly because of their mixed ancestry but for the same reason they are not as likely to develop some of the many the health hazards that are associated with their ancestry. Usually you will find that traits from both of their ancestors will be present in the new mixed breed.


Just as is the case with their ancestors, the Dalmatian and shar-pei, the mixed dog breeds likely will range in between 40 and 60 pounds and a height ranging between 18″ and 24″. Generally the Sharmation is a smaller dog than the somewhat large sized Dalmatian. Male Sharmatians, as predictably is the case with just about any dog breed, will in most cases be larger than the female counterparts. Sharmatians come in a variety of colors and quite often retain the spots of the Dalmatian while the bodily size and shape of the Shar-pei is evident in most crossbreeds of the two.


Sharmatians are more often very intelligent dogs. In order to train the dogs, a decent amount of training is needed as also is exercise so that the dogs do not become destructive in their boredom. The dogs generally are not violent but can get antsy. This type of crossbreed would and does make and excellent guard dog as the Sharmation is a big animal willing to scare and ward away intruders and or potential attackers.


There is a debate over whether Dalmatians actually originate from the part of Croatia known as Dalmatia. The breed is commonly regarded as an old breed, appearing in art as far back as ancient Egyptian times. The Dalmatian has throughout history worked as a war and carriage dog and more over the years and also the Dalmatian is the fireman’s mascot. The Sharmation hybrid breed is rather recent relative to the ancient history of both its ancestors.


Sharmatians are susceptible to urinary problems that can be both prevented and treated with a proper diet, and in some cases require the use of medication. Skin allergies also may sometimes be a common problem. A veterinarian can help in determining the best possible course of action in alleviating these potential issues. Low protein diets are best for the Dalmatian in preventing potential urinary problems. The best foods to feed the breed include lamb, rice, and poultry. Sharmatians like Dalmatians regularly need annual checkups to ensure the quality of their health. Vaccinations are also recommended.