Scoland Terrier


The Scoland Terrier is a hybrid designer dog that is developed by cross-breeding the Scottish Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier. Just like the parent breed, Scottisj Terrier, the Scoland Terrier breed is highly intelligent and alert. Unlike Scottish Terrier that barks too much, Scoland Terrier do not bark much. However, they do have a powerful bark. Fiesty and dominant, this particular breed has most of the features of a terrier. They are highly adaptable dogs that can adjust well to most of the living conditions.

Physical Appearance:

Scoland Terrier is small size dog with appearance resembling to that of Scottish Terrier. They weigh around 15 to 22 pounds. They have a stocky built with a slight ‘bulldog’ type appearance, which makes them look robust and stable. Just like Scottish Terrier, this hybrid dog has slightly softer facial appearance. The tail resembles to that of the parent breed. They are mainly seen in black color, but can also be found in wheaten color. Just like the parent breeds, the coat of Scoland Terrier is double layered. They need proper grooming with regular brushing and nail clipping. The hair shedding is moderate


Scoland Terrier are aggressive in nature, and need to be trained well. Despite of their small size, they can be quite fierce. They are smart and intelligent dogs, and can be trained easily. Highly energetic and active, this breed requires plenty of playful activities to stay healthy and fit. When trained properly, they can be loving and friendly.


Unlike the parent breeds that are susceptible to skin conditions, Scoland Terriers’ have much better skin health.

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