The schweenie is yet another of the small cross breeds is known as an intelligent, sweet and loyal companion Schweenies are a cross of the Shih Tzu and Dachshund. The most common colors for schweenies are typically black, brown, or orange and need regular exercise. Regular grooming is necessary while training is rather easy but no easier than with other breeds. The schweenie is not a guard dog by any means, and the breed is suitable with any type of lifestyle.


The Schweenie is a hybrid dog that was by crossbreeding made up of a combination of two different classic purebreds, the Shih Tzu and Dachshund. In understanding the characteristics of the Schweenie, one good idea is to read up on both of its ancestors and noting their individual temperaments.

Physical Appearance

This breed type is very light shedder but its hair needs to be combed quite often to prevent tangles. The hair of the Schweenie needs to be cut or trimmed every four to six weeks. Schweenies vary in color depending upon its parents’ colors and genetics, but the typical and common colors are brown, black, and orange with variations in shade and combinations of colors. The Schweenie is not a big dog and can easily be transported and will not take up lots of space in your home.


If you have small children a Schweenie will not scare or harm them, nor will it be able to protect them. However the breed is playful and appreciative of attention given, Schweenies are generally not loud barking dogs, however certain situations and scenarios may provoke bouts of dog barking. Anxiety sometimes can be an issue with schweenie dogs. Schweenie dogs also are fast learners that you can train fairly easily should you wish to do so.


The health of this breed is good overall, Schweenies rarely have bone problems or any hip issues. Back problems also never seem to arise as is the case with the Dachshund as the Schweenie is a much shorter animal. The Schweenie adapts the best to apartment living and should always get lots and lots of exercise although this can be achieved by running around the house, thus the breed is ideal for first time pet owners who have little experience in caring for pets. Owners of Schweenies should not keep their hybrid pets locked in cages for long periods of time as such practice deprives them of exercise.