Rustralian Terrier


The Rustralian Terrier is a cross dog between Australian Terrier and Jack Russell Terrier. The activity requirements, energy and liveliness of this breed are ideal for a committed or active owner. Actually, Australian Terrier is from English ancestral breeds. Primarily, these dogs were brought over to Australia as working dogs. Australian Terrier was assigned to kill and hunt snakes and vermin around households and farms. They unfairly barked to warn marauders and thieves. On the other hand, Jack Russell Terrier is an English breed. These dogs are developed for hunting foxes.

Physical Appearance

Rustralian Terrier has double coat with rough, smooth or broken texture. It means, this breed is a mixture of both types. Outer coat of Rustralian Terrier is longer and it has a shorter denser inner coat. Wiry, hard outer coat protects this breed from outdoor elements. The undercoat gives relief from extreme temperatures. The coat colors of Rustralian Terrier may vary from white to shades of red or blue along with markings such as black or tan.


Rustralian Terrier is loyal, affectionate, lively and protective. You must have high responsibilities and commitment to own Rustralian Terrier because it has very high activity requirements. This is a working dog and it will not thrive constantly lounging or cooped up indoors. They are happiest, playing and running in a securely fenced area. You can take them for long leashed walks. Rustralian Terrier is aggressive towards other male dogs. So, other animals and pets in the house should be watched. This is an inexhaustible playmate for children. Bored and under exercised Rustralian Terrier has a high potential for destructive behavior. They should not be kept indoors all the day. You should provide opportunities to them for satisfying their chasing and running instincts. They can be kept stimulated and happy by participating in vigorous games and agility courses.


The coat of Rustralian Terrier will benefit from regular brushing. Regular bathing is not necessary. This breed is prone to dermatitis, so a hypoallergenic shampoo can be used. Long hair around eyes should be plucked to avoid irritation around the eyes. Skin of Rustralian Terrier can develop allergic reactions very easily, so fleas and pests must be watched out constantly.

Rustralian Terrier