Rattle Griffon


The Rattle Griffon is a cross hybrid between the Brussels Griffon and the Rat Terrier. Brussels Griffon + Rat Terrier = Rattle Griffon. They have a life expectancy of 12 to 18 years. They come in a variety of colors and will grow to be about seven to thirteen inches tall and weigh about four to twelve pounds. This dog is named from its place of origin, Brussels (Belgium). This type of dog was first bred for the purpose of catching rats, but it eventually became a pet favorite and came into the house.

Physical Description

Rattle Griffons come in black, blue, beige, black and tan, brindle, speckled, sable, white, lemon, and red brown. They have a short coat that is rough and harsh but also glossy. These toy dogs are very small and have pointed ears. They can be recognized by their beard and small eyes that have slight bulges.


Rattle Griffons are known for being alert, energetic, affection, social and outgoing! They love running around and interacting with humans. They will bark if someone appears at your door and are very protective. They are very affectionate, and great dogs for owners who want dogs that give a lot of affection and have energy! Since they were bred to catch rats, they are intelligent and very active. No snoozing on the job for these pups!


These dogs will need plenty of exercise in order to stay healthy. They should be bathed once a month and groomed once or twice a week. These dogs need to be socialized early in order to play well with other humans and dogs. These dogs should be taken out into nature and given time to run around outdoors in order for them to be their happiest.

Rattle Griffon