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The Pugshire is a name given to the crossbreed between the Pug and the Yorkie. The chances are that once you get to know the pugshire, you will fall in love with small sized dogs. You may be looking for a Pug or a Yorkie. Alternatively, if you like both of these breeds, a Pugshire may be your perfect option. Designer Dogs Kennel Club, American Canine Hybrid Club, Designer Breed Registry, and International Designer Canine Registry recognize Pugshire.

Physical Description

Being a product of two breeds with distinct physical features, the Pugshire can take after both or one parent. The Pug is easily recognizable, with its flat face, its bulging eye, shortened muzzle, and wrinkled skin on its face. The body is compact but ideally well balanced and sturdy. The little pugshire stands at an average height of twelve to fifteen inches at the shoulders and weighs seven to twelve pounds.

Some common characteristics of the Pugshire include; small in size, flat or erect button ears that flip downwards, a squishy face, curly tail, very dark or black colored mask, fluffy short hair. Pugshires can also come in various colors including tan, black, fawn, steel blue and a mixture of these colors.


The appeal of the pugshire is its sociable and affectionate nature. The breed associates well with everyone, including other pets and children. This breed has moderate energy levels but they thrive on playtime. They adapt perfectly well to any home. They require a lot of patience during training because of their stubborn nature. Pugshires do bark quite a lot and like to talk too.


Pugshires are typically healthy dogs but they are prone to cherry eye.