The American Rat Terrier + Pug = Puggat, is a relatively new type of designer dog cross-breed. Pugs are one of the oldest dog breeds in the world, with their origins in early European and British history. Pugs are known for their small bodies and large eyes, but also for having a range of health problems. The American Rat Terrier is a much newer breed, generally used to control vermin on farms. American rat terriers are known for being energetic. The combination of these two breeds has resulted in a dog that is known for its love of cuddling up with its owners, but also for its need of daily exercise. While the size of a puggat makes it good for apartment living, it is important to ensure enough exercise is given to the puggat given it has farm dog heritage. Puggats are also well suited to living in a house with a yard and on farms, but are not known to be used for farm work.

Physical Appearance

Puggats are short in stature and length, have long legs (for their size). Puggats have curly tails and short hair. The puggat’s face does not have the same overly large eyes of a pug (they are much more in proportion to the size of the head) and the face is longer than that of a pug, but not as long as an American rat terrier.


Puggats are known for having sweet and gentle personalities and for being able to read the moods of the people around them. This means that puggats instinctively know when their company is wanted, or not. However, it may also mean that the puggat can be shy around people it doesn’t know.


Unlike one of the parent breeds (the pug), the puggat is generally a very healthy dog. Puggats do have a tendency to have weepy eyes, like pugs, but it is easy to keep this clean. Puggat’s have no known allergies.