The Pugese is a hybrid dog generated by crossbreeding the Chinese Crested and the Pug. As often happens with most hybrids, the dog may show more of one parent’s attributes than the other as it is difficult to ensure a 50-50 trait balance.

Physical Description

The Pugese can come in a variety of shades that range from back to flesh, depending on the ancestor breed it resembles more. The coat can be short or long or medium length. In the same vein, the Pugese can have a single or a double coat – depending on the stronger parent genes. The canine can grow up to 11 inches tall at the shoulder, and has an average adult weight of 12 pounds.


A fitting choice for a companion dog, the Pugese is a charming and lovable pet that craves its master’s attention. As such, the hybrid is known to play tricks to elicit the owner’s appreciation and applause. This canine is ideal for older children and young children should be supervised as they interact with the pet. It is both intelligent and alert and adapts well to an apartment life as it is not barky.


Some hybrids may have a very short fur, and the barely covered skin is as delicate a human baby’s and can thus easily get sunburned. As such, sunblock is good for the outdoors. However, the sunblock should not contain lanolin as it may trigger allergic reactions. The Pugese is not a smelly dog and regular washing is therefore not mandatory if it has a double coat. Nonetheless, daily bathing plus moisturizer is required if yours is the hairless Pugese. The health facts of the Pugese remain majorly shrouded in mystery although you should always check for any symptoms of the diseases that affect their parents. Call a vet as soon as you identify the very first signs of ill health.