A cross mix of a Pug and a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Pugalier is a happy-go-lucky and vivacious dog breed. This playful nature is found in both parent breeds. Their basic appearance is similar to that of a Pug, but with a long nose that facilitates breathing. Another trait derived from Cavalier breed is long ears. They grow to be larger than the Pug. This designer dog is known as the true clown, as it can entertain everybody with its playful, funny antics. They are an ideal fit for families looking for a small sized cute and lively pet.


Pugalier tends to retain the basic features of Pug, but has a slightly longer nose. Pug belongs to the group of dogs such as British Bulldog who have a short, broad and nearly spherical head along with a pushed-in muzzle. This shortened muzzle leads to breathing difficulty in these breeds of dogs. Also, the eye balls tend to protrude from the socket, which creates a possibility of eyes popping out of the socket. Pugalier breeding program has given them longer nose and a deeper socket for eyes. The ears of Pugalier have greater influence of Cavalier and tend to be longer than a typical pug. Pugalier are also bigger in size as compared to a pure Pug. Pugalier is mostly found in fawn or fawn with white color. The coat of Pugalier is short, which is a characteristic taken from Pugs.


Temperament of both the parents is good and friendly and they make for a good pet. They offer heaps of love and affection. However, Cavalier are calmer and more compliant than the pugs. Pugalier, like its parents, is fun loving and playful and is very friendly with kids. Pugalier tends to be very inquisitive and love the outdoors. Pugalier is very cuddly dog as well, making it a great companion for children. They also get along with other pets.


Pugalier is considered a healthy breed as compared to the Pug. However, Pugaliers who resemble their Pug parent are susceptible to inherited facial problems. For example, wrinkly skin can lead to infections and short muzzles make them susceptible to breathing problems. The Cavalier breed is prone to congenital eye problems, heart conditions and slipping knee caps. These health conditions are not seen in Pugalier.

Depending upon the weight and activity level, the average life span of Pugalier is ten to thirteen years.