The Pug-A-Pei is a hybrid designer dog that is a combination of an American Ori Pei and a Pug. This dog grows to be fifteen to twenty five pounds and eleven to fourteen inches. They are good pets and highly sought after!

Physical Description:

These small dogs are not that tall, growing sometimes to be just over a foot. They have a short and thick coat and should be brushed occasionally. Their coats can be all brown, all white, all gray, all black, all tan, all caramel, or combinations of colors. Pug-A-Peis have characteristically wrinkly faces.


Many owners may not know that Pug-a-Peis are extremely sensitive! They can become skittish and nervous in certain environments and when subjected to strict or harsh training. Firm training is better and they will respond to it. Pug-a-Peis have a good, social temperament. They are very loving and love to get attention and affection. They’re also playful, so be sure to spend time playing with them inside and outside. Pug-a-Peis are also gentle and intelligent, and they get along well with not only other humans but other dogs too. You can have them with young children and have no problems at all as they are known for their affection and caring with kids. They make the perfect pet for any family and will get along great with kids and adults alike.


Pug-A-Peis need to be groomed and given occasional baths. They have a decent life expectancy of twelve to fourteen years, but may live longer if given high quality food and proper exercise. Pug-a-Peis really enjoy going out for leisurely walks with their owners and should get moderate exercise to be at their healthiest.