Pookimo is a cross between two purebreds, American Eskimo and Poodle. The life expectancy of this dog is 10 to 12 years. This is very small and it falls under the toy group of dogs. Pookimo was bred in the US as a part of the current trend in developing hybrid or designer dogs. Poodle is a very smart dog, so Poodle crossing is very common. Hypoallergenic coat and low shedding are the good qualities of Poodles. American Eskimos come from Spitz family and they are very smart, playful, affectionate and love to play. Pookimo is friendly, sweet and a wonderful family dog.


Pookimo is very small, but sturdy and compact in body with round head and deep chest. It has well set eyes, which are sometimes blue in color. The ears of Pookimo are floppy. The height of this dog ranges from 9 to 16 inches and the weight is around 8 to 20 pounds. The muzzle of Pookimo is short and the color is black. The coat of Pookimo looks like a Poodle. It has double coat with dense undercoat. The top coat can be wavy to curly soft. Colors include black, cream, brown and white.


Pookimo is a very happy and cheerful dog. It is loving, loyal, friendly, easy going and fun loving. The dog is very intelligent, so it is very easy to train him. The dog goes well with everyone from kids to seniors. Pookimo has great talents in competitive obedience and agility. Moderate amount of exercise is enough for keeping Pookimo healthy. This is a clever dog and it is eager to please. The dog is suspicious and alert of strangers, so it is a good watchdog.


Health issues of Pookimo are not known at this moment. However, all puppies can inherit the health issues of their parents and they are prone to certain conditions. So, Pookimos should be observed for LCP, eye problems, skin problems, patellar luxation, hip dysplasia, Cushing’s, and Addison’s bloat.