The Poochon.  Dog lovers never run out of choice. There are various breeds to choose from that every pet owner is sure to find one of his choices. If there is a liking for mixed breed dogs, there are many mixed breed pooches available to buy as a pet. One such is the Poochon. It is a designer breed that has been crossbred from Bichon Frise and Poodle. It is also called Bichpoo, Bichon-Poo and Bichoodle.

Physical Appearance

These dogs are gaining popularity as a pet as they are energetic and adorable. They have a non shedding coat which makes them very popular among allergic people. They are well proportioned, robust and hardy dogs. They have a sturdy appearance despite being small in stature.


These dogs are happy spirited. They are loyal, affectionate and friendly. They love spending time with family members. If you have other dogs or cats at home then it is very likely that they will adjust with them. They are attention seekers and want special attention just like one of their parents – poodle.


The Poochons are healthy animals, healthier than their parents. They have few health concerns and will grow up to become healthy adults if they get a complete diet. It is important to give proper training to your dog to ensure they are healthy. The Poochon is an intelligent breed and is a quick learner. You should teach your dog obedience from puppyhood and also make them socialize with other pets. You must train them gently as they cannot handle harshness and heavy hand training methods. It is important to deal with them patiently and train them consistently.