The Poocan is a hybrid combination of the Cairn Terrier and the Poodle. Cairn Terrier + Poodle = Poocan. The Poocan is a popular pet and a great choice for a companion dog. They are a good pet to have for families, the elderly, children, or people living on their own. They are also very cute!

Physical Description:

Poocans are typically 13 to 18 pounds and grow to be 10 to 14 inches. They typically come in white, apricot, brown, or black. They have a medium long coat with wavy hair that can be curly. Because of their coats, they need to be clipped and groomed every few months. Their fur is typically a grey, brown, or white color, or a combination of all those colors.


The Poocan is a happy dog, perfect for people who want a dog that is optimistic and fun to be around. They are very alert and have plenty of energy. They are also a sensitive dog and would do well in a calm and loving environment. They do get along well with another animals, pets, and children. They do well with gentle training and crave consistency and stability. They are really eager to please and have some Terrier traits in that they are tough, scrappy, inquisitive and playful. They may occasionally have the urge to chase small animals. It is also a very intelligent dog that loves people, particularly its owners!


The Poocan needs to be combed every day. They also require regular baths and grooming. They like plenty of interaction and having fun. They also need regular exercise and to be taken out on walks and in the yard. Their ears also need to be cleaned on a regular basis.