Many people have never even considered this combination, but when you think about it, combining a Pitbull and Husky is as natural as peas and carrots. These dogs take cute to an entirely new level. A good breeder is able to bring about a pup with the best of both breeds and so this line of dogs is gaining in popularity every day.

The American Pitbull has received a bad reputation in many settings, but lovers of the breed know that they are extremely loyal and attractive dogs. Huskies – both Siberian and Husky – have had a serious following of breeders and dog owners alike for ages.


Several of the characteristics of each breed that can be cultivated with good training and proper care are loyalty and intelligence. Both breeds are strong and energetic as well. Combine these traits and you have a dog that can be an excellent family dog and/or a great dog for guarding your home. A Pitsky is known to be loyal and also very protective.

While they are friendly with their people, they can be worried around strangers and this needs to be addressed with training. Some Pitskies have trouble staying home alone for the same reason. They like to keep their people safe and snug and they can’t do that when they’re alone. This, too, can be addressed with training since a Pitsky is very intent on pleasing their trainer and they want to prove their loyalty. Training is key to keep this active and smart dog on track.


Like other,’designer dogs’, the appearance of a Pitsky depends on that of the parents and the whims of genetics. Good breeders can optimize the process and nature will throw in many lovely, ‘tricks’. If you look at pictures of Pitskies, you’ll see some startling photos of darling pups with the unexpected eyes of Huskies. There are some basics you can expect. For example, the dogs are generally medium sized weighing between 35 to 60 pounds. They are generally solid and strong dogs and their coloration depends on their breeding.


Taking care of a Pitsky involves grooming. Dogs exhibiting Husky traits mean heavy shedding and so you will find yourself bathing and brushing the dog on a regular basis. Pitskies with a Pitbull coat only need normal grooming including ear and teeth cleaning as well as nail clipping.

Health Issues

A Pitsky tends to be a healthy dog, but this breed does tend to have issues with hyperthyroidism, lung problems, and bigger dogs can suffer from arthritis and hip problems. Proper diet, exercise, and veterinary care goes a long way in keeping a Pitsky healthy.