Ori Pei’s


Ori Pei’s are a cross-bred of American Ori Pei (also known as Shar Pei) and pug. Ori Pei has been bred for multiple generations. This breed was particularly created to alleviate the symptoms of parent breed- American Ori Pei. Like a pug, this particular breed is stubborn, but without being aggressive. This medium sized hybrid is loving, intelligent and friendly in nature.


The looks of Ori Pei are similar to that of a pug. The wrinkles resemble American Ori Pei. They have a huge round head with dark eyes and short and square muzzle. They have half-inch long coat, and a soft undercoat. The thin ears are slightly turned outside. Ori Pei’s are maily found in brown, black, grey and white colors. They have minimal shedding of hair so not recommended for those who are allergic to pet hair.


Ori Pei is a friendly, fun-loving and well manner dog that can be trained easily. It is moderately active, and likes to be indoors.  They like to please their owners and obey their orders. However, when it comes to certain things, they can be stubborn. They are very protective of their family and property, and therefore make a good watch dog.


Some of the members of this breed are susceptible to problems of inward sneezing (the condition in which the epiglottis flips inside out). Other rare infections found in this breed are giardia, respiratory infections, eye cherry an dermatectic mange. Ori Pei is not prone to other parent breed conditions, such as skin problems, eye tracking and hip dysplasia.

Ori Pei’s