Olde Bulldog


The ideal Olde Bulldog is a medium-sized loyal and courageous breed. Hybrid between American Bull Dog and Bulldog, Olde Bulldog is similar to both breeds in looks as well as nature without any health issues. They were initially bred to participate in bull baiting, which was later on prohibited by English law. It shows the characteristic features of strong, muscular body with great strength, stability and athleticism. This particular breed is known as one of the most loyal and trustworthy companions of its owners.

Physical Appearance

Olde Bulldog is a medium sized dog with strong muscular build. They are well proportioned and balanced in terms of body structure, and are capable of performing without any restriction of breathing in heat or cold. The skull is large and well-proportioned with respect to the muscular body and prominent shoulders. There is a well defined furrow between the eyes. The muzzle of Olde Bulldog is square, wide and deep. The nose is large and wide with respect to eh muzzle and is black in color. The eyes are almond shaped and medium sized. Ears are small in size and are set high, wide and at the back outer edge of the skull.


Olde Bulldog are docile but they are very protective and courageous dogs as well. They are very athletic and fearless. They like to chew and should be given plenty of bones and toys. They are overeager to please and may overexert themselves in order to please while doing whatever is asked of them. Despite its fierce looks, Olde is a friendly dog that is very animated and expressive.

Health concerns

Unlike other breeds of Bulldog, the Olde Bulldog is devoid of all breathing issues. However, it is sensitive to extreme cold or heat. Just like in other Bulldog breeds, hip dysplasia is common in Olde Bulldog.

Olde Bulldog