The Nekita hybrid is a cross between the ancient Italian Neapolitan Mastiff and the Japanese Akita. Due to its parentage, this animal will vary in temperament and appearance, depending on the dominant breed.


This large dog can span a variety of colors, anywhere from black, to brown, to the color red. The Nekita has a short, dense coat, which sheds at medium amounts. The Nekita’s height ranges from twenty-six to thirty inches, with the animal’s height ranging between 130-155 pounds.


Nekitas are alert, independent, loyal and protective animals, however, depending upon which breed is dominant, this dog may also be prone to aggression. This breed of dog should undergo good training before interactions with children take place.


The litter sizes of Nekitas range from three to twelve puppies. In adulthood, with the proper type of care and training, this breed of dog often lives between ten and twelve years. Like many other large breeds, the Nekita is prone to Hip dysplasia. Owners of this breed of dog should ensure that proper screening of the elbows, hips and eyes take place, to check for any issues and to prevent any future problems.