Miniature Pinscher’s are a German dog, originally breed to hunt vermin. These dogs have a high sense of self worth and if not well trained will soon think they rule the house. Pugs are known to be fun, loyal dogs who need human interaction or can become very sad (some even say they can be heartbroken). Pugs are also known to shed a lot. Like Pugs, you can expect a Muggin to shed, and so you will need to vacuum, frequently. Having some of the traits from each of its parent breeds, the Muggin is a cheerful and energetic dog who loves company and is known to follow its owner around almost constantly. They’re friendly, playful, loyal and require almost constant companionship making them great for families.

Physical Description:

Muggins have the wide forehead that is characteristic of Pug, but their eyes, while prominent are not so large compared to their bodies. Their ears are flappy, Muggins come in a range of colors including red, brown, black and silver (or a combination of any of these colors).


Muggins are generally known to have a cheerful temperament and to be friendly and energetic. While Muggins are considered to be family friendly dogs, it is important to supervise them around children as they can act unpredictably with handled roughly.
While they are small in size, Muggins do require a reasonable amount of exercise and so are best suited for houses with at least a small backyard for them to run around in, otherwise they can become overly spirited.


Although the parent breeds each have their own health issues, there have not been any specific health issues identified in the Muggin cross-breed. If well taken care of Muggins can live up to 15 years.