The miniboz is a breed between two pure breeds of Miniature Schnauzer and Boston terrier. The Miniboz are among the happiest dogs and will be happy to sleep downstairs or away from you. They are a perfect family companion and will play with almost anybody they are familiar with. They are not barking dogs and rarely will they bark unless people wearing hats walk very close to them.

Physical Description

Miniboz dogs are either long or flat coated with a beard and pointy ears. They are small in size and most weight between 15 to 25 pounds. They usually come in different colors depending on the color of the parents. Some of the common Miniboz colors include black, dark brown, black and white, chocolate, white/cream, gray and salt pepper.
The Miniboz is a short dog, and most of them will grow to a height of 14 -17 inches. They rarely shed and are a great choice for people with allergies.


The Miniboz dog is purely a watchdog. They are very handy when it comes to keeping an eye at your home as they are very alert to strangers. They are not barking dogs but will always alert you when a stranger appears in your home. The Miniboz dog is very friendly and patient with children making them a perfect for families with small children.
They are friendly to other pets and dogs of similar sizes and can play with them well. They are the type of dog to own if you have other pets with you.


Like most breed of dogs, the miniboz can suffer from various ailments, but there are no serious cases. Cleaning your dog properly and giving it a proper diet will keep it in a healthy state all year round.