Miniature Bulldog

The Miniature Bulldog is a hybrid designer dog created by combining the Bulldog and the Pug. Bulldog + Pug = Miniature Bulldog. These dogs are very cute and very popular among pet owners! They look very much like the English bulldog but is much smaller. These loyal dogs will always put your family first and are very cute when they snore. They love human attention and children in particular and enjoy just hanging out with the family and getting a good amount of social interaction.

Physical Description

Males will grow to be 11 to 14 inches, while females will grow to be 10 to 13 inches. These dogs look very much like pugs and you can see the Bulldog heritage in their frame. Miniature Bulldogs are typically a golden, caramel color with brown snouts and rose or erect ears.


A Miniature Bulldog is affectionate, extroverted, loyal, social, and affectionate. They can also be very stubborn and persistent. They are very energetic when they are young but will gradually mellow out with age. They want to be the pack leader if they can but will back down if you take charge as a leader of the pack. They may fight with dogs they don’t know if not trained early. These outgoing dogs want to interact with humans quite a bit, so make sure that you pay them attention!


These Miniature Bulldogs can have some common health problems. These include small windpipes, breathing issues, bad eyesight, overheating in warm weather, sensitive to cold, birth complications due to large heads, and may have hip problems, knee problems, and is vulnerable to skin infections. They need exercise, although the amount varies with each dog. These dogs will live on average 10 to 16 years, with females living longer.

Miniature Bulldog