The Meagle, also called Megie, is a hybrid of the purebred dogs Beagle and Miniature Pinscher. This interesting mix of a designer dog originates in the United States of America. They are small in size with an average height of about 12-16 inches, and have a typical weight of 10-25 pounds. They arrive in different colors and varied coat lengths and exhibit interesting personalities.

Physical Appearance

The Meagle can look like a Beagle or a Min Pin, with the pup getting its appearance from either parent which is expected of a designer dog breed. They have a little dome-shaped and somehow flat top skull, flappy ears, short legs, and large dark eyes that are almond or oval-shaped. Common colors are black, black and brown, dark brown, chocolate, white /cream, light brown /golden, and white and brown. Meagles have short-haired coats that are often smooth and very easy to groom.


The exact characteristics of designer dogs are unpredictable for they can display combinations of traits of both breeds or get it from either line. The Meagle can be perky, spirited, and highly intelligent if they inherit Mini Pin qualities. They can be playful, affectionate, and good-tempered if they inherit Beagle qualities. Generally, Meagles are known to be loving, friendly, obedient, agile, and alert which makes them good watchdogs. Still, they remain affectionate towards children and are sociable dogs that do well with other house dogs and pets.


Considering common ailments of its parents, the Meagle is prone to catching colds and are more at risk of illness during hot and cold weather. They can develop skin problems, allergies, wheezing, and chronic breathing problems due to their short muzzle. However, hybrid dogs are thought to be healthier than purebred dogs.

Size: small

Avg Lifespan: 10-15 years or more with good health, the right exercise, and a disease-free life

Temperament: energetic, playful, friendly, obedient, gentle, and loving

Allergy friendly: No

Kid Friendly: Yes