A combination of a Shih Tzu and a Maltese, Malshi is a breed of cute fluffy dogs. They were basically bred to develop a low hair shedding breed. Today, Malshi has become a popular designer dog with a loving and calm disposition. They were originally developed in Australia in 1900, but they have become quite popular in North America and Canada. He is a sweet lap dog who loves to play with kids.

Physical Appearance:

Mal-Shi is a small dog that typically weights around 5 to 15 pounds and they have a height of around 10 inches. Mal-Shi have a long, soft and silky coat with curly hair. They do not tend to shed too much of hair and are good for people with allergies. Mal-Shi come in all the colors of Shih Tzu, such as black, white, tan, brown or any combination of these.


Mal-Shi are loveable, alert, affectionate and loyal dogs. Mal-Shi loves to be around people and the family and is very playful. They are gentle yet fearless dogs and may alert the owners about the presence of strangers. Mal-Shi may tend to be bit stubborn, which can be corrected with proper grooming at early stages. Mal-Shi is a great companion for children, especially with slightly bigger children.


Malshi is basically a healthy breed; however some Malshi pets can develop White Shaker Syndrome- a condition in which the dog starts shaking uncontrollably. During the acute attack, the dog cannot walk. Mal Shi breed is also prone to respiratory complaints, therefore make sure you do not keep your pet outside in heat and humid conditions for a long time. Just like other breeds, Malshi is also prone to Patellar Luxation, also known as slipped stifles.