The Malkie also commonly known as Yorktese and Morkie, is a combination is two pure breeds, i.e., Maltese and Yorkshire Terrier. They initially came from the U.S not long ago, and their appearance may surprise you because they may end resembling either of the parents breeds rather than a blending appearances. After their introduction, they used to be owned by celebrities particularly due to their price from the pet store. They are now very popular and affordable to who prefer kind, reliable and devoted lapdog.

Physical Description

It’s very difficult sometimes to describe the physical characteristics of Malkie dog because they may get an appearance of any of their parents breed more than the other. Often, they possess a fluffy head, medium in size and round shaped. They have deep set eyes, derived from Maltese parent, with a little muzzle. Their coat is usually silky, straight and very fine. Their hair can be very long particularly when left uncut and may come in varieties of colors such as tan, white, black or a combination of two of these colors.


The Malkie dogs are very confident and very spunky and do not realize how tiny they are. They are generally loyal, affectionate reliable, devoted and loving but may be stubborn and willful at times. They love being around kids, little dogs, cats and other little pets in the house. They hate loneliness, so when left alone they can be very destructive.


Some common health issues include reverse sneezing, collapsed trachea, Hypoglycemia and Patellar Luxation. Some of these health issues can be reduced or eliminated by ensuring that they get enough calories and several rounds of vaccinations.