The Lhasanese is a cross between purebreds Lhasa Apso and Pekingese. They are called hybrid dogs since they originate from two distinct canines and can acquire the qualities of either or both parents. The Lhasa Apso was regarded as the “bark lion sentinel dog” in the monasteries in Tibet where they served as guardians, and introduced to the US as gifts of royalty. The Pekingese was a Chinese imperial favorite royal pet that served as a lap dog or companion dog. They are also called Lion Dogs given their resemblance to guardian dogs, and other popular names are Peke, Pelchie Dog, and Peking Lion Dog.

Physical Description

These designer dogs are small in size, averaging 11 inches in height with a weight ranging from 7-18 pounds. The Lhasanese has short forelegs, tall hind legs, brown eyes, and have teeth with an underbite. They arrive in combinations of black, white, cream, and tan. They have a long and silky coat that looks nice and neat when clipped, and can be left to grow beautifully for show dogs. This entails frequent brushing and grooming.


The Lhasanese is a very friendly family-oriented dog that makes for a wonderful family pet. They love children and do well with fellow household dogs and other animals. This designer dog is highly responsive to training and willing to please. These dogs are highly social but can be wary of strangers, thus are generally good watch dogs.


They are prone to arthritis and having teary eyes, but can be dealt with by proper bone nutrition and regular grooming. The Lhasanese needs little exercise, and short daily walks with some play time encourages their optimal health.


Size: Small

Hair Length: Long

Temperament: Obedient, Gentle, Calm, Loyal, Brave, Affectionate, Social

Fun fact: The Pekingese parent derived its name from the ancient Peking City which is now what we know as Beijing.

Kid Friendly : Yes

Allergy Friendly: No