Lhaffon dogs are the mix breed of dogs between Lhasa Apso and Brussels Griffon breed. They are a hybrid dog. They are friendly types of dogs but has assertive manner. Lhaffon dogs make a good pet but they are naturally suspicious of strangers.

Physical description:

Lhaffon dogs are small in size. They have a maximum height of 18 inches and weight between 10-18 pounds. They are found in different parent colors such as blue, black, white, brown, red or mix of these colors. They have dense coat that it is short to medium in length but has low shedding. It has straight and rough fur like Griffon dog or it has silky and smooth fur like Lhasa Apso dog.


Lhaffon dogs are sweet, gentle, spirited and devoted. These dogs like spending time with their family. They get attached with one member of the family more than the others. They are human loving dogs and they like the company of human making them a good companion dogs. They get along well with children but they should not be rough-handled as they cannot handle rough handling.


The Lhasa Apso breed suffer from few health problems such as sebaceous adenitis, progressive retinal atrophy, keratoconjunctivitis sicca and cherry eye and the Brussels Griffon suffer from Chiari-like malformation and Syringomyelia, so, Lhaffon breed might suffer from any of these health conditions. They require moderate level of physical activities. They should be taken for a daily walk as it will take care of their exercise needs and satisfy their primal instinct to walk.