Also called Beagador, Labbe is a designer dog created by cross-breeding a Beagle and a Labrador Retriever. This hybrid dog has characteristic features of both the parent breed. The height is similar to that of Beagle, except that Labbe is slightly longer. The short coat resembles to that of Labrador Retriever.

Physical Appearance

The physical characteristics of Labbe are a mix of both of his parents. Labbe generally have a round head which it takes from Beagle and the color from Labrador. Labbe has medium-sized build and they are generally smaller in size as compared to Labrador and larger than the Beagle. The length of the dog is more than that of Beagle. Labbe breed has very short coat, giving it a sleek appearance, which it inherits from Labrador.


Labbe are very lovable and social dog. They are fiercely loyal and protective in nature. As both the Labrador and Beagle are very intelligent breeds, their cross-breed is no exception. Labbe are very playful and they are great companion with kids as well, thanks to their caring and gentle nature. Labbe has outgoing personality and loves attention.

They get easily bored when left alone for too long. When bored, they start digging and howling. They are inquisitive in nature, and like to sniff and inquire things. They are bit difficult to train and require an expert help. Therefore, Labbe is not suitable as a pet for beginners.

Health Concerns

Both are the parent breeds are prone to conditions like seizures and hip dysplasia. Therefore, Labbe is also susceptible to these medical conditions. However, being cross-bred, it is less likely to suffer from any major illnesses.