Japeke dogs are not purebred and are combination of Japanese Chin and Pekinese purebreds. They are hybrid dogs. They inherit characteristics and features of their parent breeds.

Physical Description

They are small in size. Its size is not more than 11 inches. It weighs around 7-20 pounds. They are cheerful, loyal and alert dogs and are independent too. They might have short coat like Japanese Chin or it might have long and double coat like Pekingese. Their coat should be brushed regularly and it should be groomed too to keep it clean. Their teeth are straight and they look more like human teeth. They have bushy tail. They have large and floppy ears.


Pekinese dogs are affectionate and loving. They are family oriented and enjoy the company of human. They are good with the small children and other dogs and pets. They are attentive and alert to their surroundings and they are good watch dogs. They are quick learner and they can learn and perform small tricks. They are well behaved and well mannered dogs if they are trained properly. They can suffer from Small Dog Syndrome, a behavioral issue where the dogs try to become a pack leader.


Japenese Chin suffers from cataracts, luxating patellas and heart murmurs. They might also suffer from hypoglycemia. The Pekingese usually suffer from trauma and they also suffer from cardiovascular and neurologic. The Japeke breed is likely to suffer from health conditions of their parent breed. They are also prone to getting sleep crusties in their eyes which should be cleaned regularly.

Origin: ChinaSize: ToyHair Length: LongTemperament: Gentle and Quiet They do not like rough handling and enjoy being a lapdog. Fun Fact: They love to play but can adjust to their environment, so they suited for apartment livingKid Friendly: YesAllergy Friendly: Yes