This is a relatively new breed of dog created by mixing two breeds of Bichon Frise + Japanese Chin. The Japanise Chin is one of the most charming, lively and happiest animals to have a like a pet. They are extremely affectionate and known to be devoted to their masters.

Physical Appearance

They are very small in size and weight about 10-15 pounds. They have a straight fur that comes in different colors depending on the color of the parents. They can be completely black, black and brown and white or simply cream. It can grow to a height of five inches tall. The Japanise Chon has wide protruding eyes that have been far aside. The eyes are usually large, round and black in color.
If the dog is black, then it has a black nose and the same applies to the white Ja-Chon dogs. It has flappy ears.

Temperament and Health

They are very charming, lovely and devoted dogs to their master. The dog loves people it is familiar with but remains reserved about strangers. Despite being small in size, it cannot allow a stranger into the house when the owner is not around. It is very gentle to children, but they have to learn to be gentle with it too. It does not like been provoked.

They Ja-Chon likes to be at the center of attention so make sure you don’t neglect it too often. The breed is not a barker so don’t expect it to bark so often. It is graceful and mild-mannered and yet remains very playful. You will be required to clean the dog on a regular basis to maintain its hygiene and prevent instances of diseases. Like most pure breeds, it has its health issues but these occur rarely.