In the ever growing demand of crossbreed or designer dogs, the Horgi has carved special niche for itself. Also variously known as the Siborgi, this dog breed is a mix of Pembroke Welsh Corgi and Siberian Husky. The Horgi is a small, low to the ground dog that exhibits many qualities of a Siberian Husky including lots of energy, even temperament and attentiveness. But is a Horgi the right dog for you? Read on to know more about this much loved dog breed.


Often mistaken for a German Shepherd, the Horgi has a low rise but a sturdy frame. The Horgi has a long body, Corgi-like stubby legs, an angular face, tear drop shaped brown or black eyes, and a pointy pair of ears. In terms of height, a Horgi can grow up to 12-13 inches from the ground when measured at its shoulder. A typical Horgi weighs anywhere between 35-50 lbs. This dog breed sports a double coating that smooth and lustrous.


The Horgi is an even tempered breed that socializes well. This gentle, friendly and easy going dog breed adapts well to its environment and gets along nicely in every kind of household. As a complete family dog, the Horgi is alert and watchful but also friendly to visitors. The Horgi makes for a loyal pet with occasional streaks of stubborn and independent behavior. It is important, therefore, that owners take due care in training a Horgi from early in life. This is an intelligent breed, and therefore easy to train.

Health and Care

Early life training and socialization is necessary so that your dog does not develop behavioral issues later in life. These dogs are also fairly energetic and require moderate amount of exercise every day. Make sure to take them on a daily walk or a jog, and ensure some play time as well.

The Horgi are moderate to heavy shedder but they are also easy to groom and generally require little maintenance. If your Horgi has the dominant gene from its Siberian Husky parent then it might have a thick coat and require extra care during hot weather. Regular bathing, shampooing and brushing would otherwise suffice to keep your Horgi looking bright and tidy, day after day.

A Horgi does not have any predisposition towards any specific or noted ailment. Bear in mind that Siberian Huskies do have a risk of hip and back problem so the same might be the case with a Horgi. However, given that cross breeds have a lower disposition to genetic ailments, the risk is quite low.