The Goldmaraner is a mix breed between Golden Retriever and the Weimaraner. They, therefore, take their physical characteristics from both parents breeds, but there are chances that they may take more from either parent breed. The Goldmaraner are popularly known as a sporting breed particularly due to their large sizes and their strong prey drive inherited from the Weimaraner side.

Physical Description

The Goldmaraner are generally large-sized dogs with an average size of around 27 inches when fully grown and not less than 60 pounds. They may take the physical appearance of either parents breed, including the coat and the color. Common colors are black, brown, gray, gold and cream. They have short, dense coat that is water repellent, therefore, may not need a lot of grooming.


The Goldmaraner dog is a well-mannered hybrid dog and related well with all family members including children but just like most designer dogs they may need to be well trained when young. They are stubborn, demanding and tough on house trains. They are, however, a cheerful breed, intelligent, devoted and do anything to please the family members or their owners. They may need a lot of physical exercises since they are very energetic.


Although they aren’t susceptible to many illnesses like their parents breeds, they may inherit some health problems such as cancer and mast cell tumors. Since they have energetic physical traits, allowing regular exercises may be good to their health.